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Adaptive Reuse

The team aims to support cities hosting refugees by analysing data about abandoned or underused buildings and looking for ideas to adapt them for housing. We want to look into opportunities and challenges, and research existing solutions. We are up to date with the latest design and technological solutions from many different countries, including those that have already been facing challenges related to integrating new residents in the hosting cities. Our team of volunteers wants to contribute and help local architects and communities who are working to offer housing in safe, healthy and liveable neighbourhoods to the refugees.

As part of this project, we want to develop a set of good design practices that take into account not only the highest standards of architectural and urban design but also the differences arising from geographic and regional location and ownership of land. We also develop a transitional solution of a lightweight and affordable structure which could be easily added to an empty office space to temporarily adapt it for housing refugees.


Local governments and municipal authorities in the countries hosting refugees are facing unprecedented tasks related to the need to accommodate thousands of refugees fleeing from the war in Ukraine. At this moment of rapid change, we need to think of systemic solutions and a strategy for upgrading the cities in a longer perspective with adequate housing, urban infrastructure and opportunities for residents. We hope our effort to help local architects with the assessment of opportunities and research of possible ideas can facilitate the implementation of solutions that will be sustainable from the environmental, social and economic points of view.

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