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Young architects from Ukraine are in great need of a specialised course on the topics related to the reconstruction of their country. Project Safe Refuge wants to contribute to creating a program with online and live meetings for students and experts in this field. International professionals are invited to present historical case studies of reconstructed cities, to help students from Ukraine in developing their skills, knowledge and opinions about the topic of reconstruction. The aim of the program is not to indicate right and wrong paths, nor to propose ready-made solutions to complex problems, but to bring questions and foster open discussions within students and with the professionals. It is relevant to build hope in the young generation of architects and engineers and to equip them with the skills and knowledge necessary to tackle the complex challenges related to large-scale reconstruction, which they will face at the beginning of their careers.


We believe that citizens of Ukraine should remain responsible for making key decisions related to the recovery of their country, including those related to the design and rebuilding of their cities, choice of materials, and architectural expression. We want to support them in this process through a transfer of knowledge. Contact us: [email protected].

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